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8 Benefits Of Using A Manual Breast Pump

8 Benefits Of Using A Manual Breast Pump

Your baby deserves your precious breastmilk, even when you're not around. Maintaining an ideal breastfeeding routine for you and your baby depends upon several factors. One of these is the choice of the correct breast pump. While breastfeeding is a natural process, pumping can be a bit of a challenge. A manual breast pump is a great way to make this process easy, simple and cost-effective. Let's throw some light on the proven benefits of manual breast pumps that make them a must-buy for breastfeeding mothers.

1. Ease of use

Breastfeeding is a natural process. It creates a beautiful bond between you and your baby. With a non-complicated setup, you can easily express your milk wherever and whenever you want to. A manual breast pump is easy to use and maintains the simplicity of this natural process. Using a manual pump, the process of expressing breastmilk closely matches the suction of milk by the baby.

2. No need for a power supply

There will be times and places where you will not have access to a power supply. Manual breast pumps don't need any sort of electricity to function. They work on a simple mechanism powered by your hand moments.

3. Comfort level

Applying an electric device to your breasts might feel uncomfortable. The rhythm and speed are automatic, generating undesirable pressure. To make this process under control it's best to use a manual pump. Once the suction cup is in its place, the rest of the procedure depends upon your hand movements. Which you can adjust as per your comfort level.

4. Help deal with engorgement and clogged ducts

With breastfeeding comes engorgement and sometimes clogged milk ducts. It's a pretty painful situation when your milk ducts seem to be clogged or your breasts swell up with an extra flow of milk. Manual pumping is a good way to relieve that pressure, making it easy for you and your baby.

5. Noise Free

With a baby around it's always preferable to keep the environment calm. Manual pumps do not create any sounds unlike electric pumps with motor noise. You can even feed your baby from one breast and pump the milk from the other simultaneously.

6. Cost-effective

The cost of buying a manual breast pump plus the cost of using it, is much less than an electric pump. So, if you want to keep this process non-dependent on any other source of power and within budget it's best to choose a manual pump.

7. Portability

The size of the manual breast pump makes it easily fit in your handbag. They are lightweight and can be carried with ease. So, when you're on a trip with your baby it's best to have a manual pump with you. Making it super simple to pump, express and feed your baby anywhere along the way.

8. Easy to clean and sterilize

Manual pumps are not complicated and have very few parts that can easily be cleaned and sterilized

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