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Baby Feeding Necessities For New Moms

Baby Feeding Necessities For New Moms

Baby Feeding Necessities for New Moms

     When a mother is learning the ropes of caring for her brand-new baby, the first few months of motherhood can seem like an entire blur of changing diapers, acquiring an entirely different sleep schedule, and learning new and improved feeding techniques. Some days, mothers can’t even find enough time to take a shower or eat a meal! Whether you are learning the ins and outs of breastfeeding your child, understanding the art of formula feeding, or trying out a bit of both feeding practices, having the correct feeding products and techniques can make your life as a new mom a little less hectic and a little more invigorating. Let’s take a look at the best newborn feeding necessities that new moms need to incorporate into their everyday lives.

The Importance Behind Utilizing Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Products: 

     Here at Poopie FunTv, we would never use or recommend a new mother utilize any kind of baby product that has not passed The Tot Safety Test. This is a test that examines the ingredients that are utilized within newborn baby products, assessing the level of safety within each material and ingredient that is used. When it comes to breastfeeding and bottle-feeding products, it is incredibly important to use products that are safe and have already been tested, due to the fact that these products will be coming into direct contact with your baby’s mouth and the milk or formula that it will be drinking. Even though you may be on the lookout for products that are regarded and labeled as “BPA-Free”, it is entirely fundamental and important to understand that companies may have replaced the BPA with chemicals that are just as potent, if not more toxic, then the BPA itself. Although there are some safe plastic options that new mothers can use, here are some of the materials that you can alternatively use that has been proven to be safe to utilize while feeding your newborn:

  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • Stainless Steel

     These alternative materials are free from the toxic-chemicals that can potentially harm the well-being and health of your newborn, offering you and your baby a safer feeding experience. Here are the chemicals that the experts here at Poopie FunTv would advise for new or expecting mothers to stay away from when purchasing products for their newborn child:

  • PVC: PVC, which is also known as vinyl, is an extremely toxic chemical that can be extremely toxic when introduced to our bodies. This particular toxin contains essences like lead, cadmium, phthalates, organotin that entirely toxic for human beings to ingest or to come into contact with. This specific material has been linked to causing asthma, reproductive issues, allergies, and even cancer in a number of individuals.
  • BPA and BPS (bisphenols):  Bisphenols are harmful toxins that will mimic the effects of the hormone estrogen, being linked to causing prostate cancer, female infertility, and even breast cancer. BPA, especially, is an incredibly dangerous endocrine disruptor, due to the fact that this chemical has been shown to cause severe reproductive damage, especially when it is introduced to a still growing fetus inside of a mother’s womb.

The Best Baby Feeding Products That Make Nursing and Bottle-Feeding Easier for New Moms:

     Here at Poopie FunTv, we incorporate opinions and viewpoints from a number of parents and newborn specialists that understand what it’s like to bottle-feed and formula-feed a newborn baby. With advice and an incredible realm of expertise from well-rounded parents and newborn caretakers, here are Poopie FunTv’s top picks for baby feeding products that will help you keep your baby full and safe:

Non-Toxic Nursing and Feeding Essentials That You Can Find Right on The Poopie FunTv Website:

     We completely understand that it may be extremely hard and tedious to find non-toxic nursing and feeding products to utilize while trying to learn the ropes of newly acquired motherhood. Luckily, Poopie FunTv has a wide assortment of safe and healthy products that you can use when trying to learn how to safely and carefully feed your newborn baby.

     The incredibly adaptable set allows you to utilize a bendable fork and spoon, that is entirely made from silicone. This set is entirely soft and flexible, reducing any possibility of hurting your baby. The size of this utensil set is a perfect fit for your baby’s mouth and hand, allowing you as a parent to feel entirely comfortable with your baby handling these safe and easy to use silver wear pieces.

     With our specially curated nursing nipple protectors, which are directly made from safe silicone material, you can protect your nipple from any harm while creating a deep bond between you and your newborn child. With an entirely distinctive shape and super thin layer of silicone, this nipple has the ability to warm up to the exact temperature of the mother’s skin creating a natural feel for the newborn baby to enjoy while beginning its feeding journey as a human being.

     The Smart Baby Medicine Pacifier, created by the baby experts at Poopie FunTv, is made from safe silicone, allowing mothers to easily provide their children with the medicine that they may need when they are feeling under the weather in an entirely safe manner. These medicine pacifiers are ideal for babies that are 0 – 18 months old and are completely dishwater friendly, making them easy to wash and use at the same time!

 When it comes to learning the ins and outs of what it takes to be a brand new mother, it’s time to take advice from the professionals at Poopie FunTv.

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