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Baby Shower Caps Are They Really Needed?

Baby Shower Caps Are They Really Needed?

Baby Shower Caps Are They Really Needed?

As new parents, you may see the advertisements for baby shower caps and wonder if they are really needed.  As a mother I can attest that baby shower caps are a must have for bath time in order to avoid getting your baby fussy over water running on their faces.  In this blog, we will discuss the reasons we at Poopie Fun TV think a shower cap is a great addition to your baby bath items.

Why It Is Important for Your Newborn Baby to Wear a Shower Cap

As adults, we usually go to the ends of the earth and spend ample amounts of money, in order to carefully choose the products that we will need to have a relaxing bath or shower at the end of a long and stressful day. From nourishing bath soaps to well-made products that keep your hair untouched from the relaxing water that you will be soaking in, there are a myriad of well-made bath supplies that will make “getting clean” a truly enjoyable experience.  Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that parents do the same for their little ones.

Sometimes, parents are so worried about acquiring the right supplies that they need to get the little one clean, without ever giving much thought to the bath time supplies that their newborn children might need, want, and enjoy while playing in the soapy suds. When it comes to bathing your newborn baby/toddler, it is important to have an abundance of different bath time supplies that will keep them clean and neat while taking care of their sensitive skin. This is the main reason why there are a number of products readily available for first-time parents to purchase and utilize on their precious little ones. Many new parents share a singular common concern: keeping soap or other painful irritants away from their baby’s sensitive eyes during bath time. This concern, along with a long list of others, can be put to ease with the usage of a shower cap!

Shower caps are a vital part of keeping your child clean and unharmed during their bath time excursions and will assist in keeping your child’s hair in good condition, while preventing excess water and shampoo from going into their eyes. After using a shower cap during your child’s bath time, you will notice a true difference in how manageable their hair is during bath time and how sane you will feel afterwards!

Advantages of utilizing a shower cap during your child’s bath time:

  • Shower caps are one of the most significant products that babies need. Shower caps are particularly important, due to the fact that they protect their sensitive eyes from harmful chemicals and irritating soaps. Newborns are also known to be extremely scared of water hitting their face, so a shower cap will prevent this from happening. To provide your newborn baby with a calming and relaxing bath time experience, a shower cap will help to calm their nerves.
  • Babies are prone to catching a cold if their hair gets wet frequently. To protect your newborn’s hair from getting wet, you can use a shower cap that has a built-in hood. This will keep your baby’s hair dry, allowing both you and your baby to enjoy bath time without the worry of them getting sick.
  • Shower caps are the perfect product to keep your child’s ears covered while taking a bath. While taking a bath, water has the potential to enter your baby’s ears, causing painful ear infections. Shower caps will be able to protect your child’s ears, decreasing the likelihood of an ear infection from occurring.
  • One of the main benefits of using a shower cap is to make bath time a fun and enjoyable part of the day for your child. Choosing a colorful or entertaining shower cap will surely allow for bath time to be an enjoyable and fun experience for your child!

Other reasons as to why you should be using a shower cap on your child during bath time:

The usefulness of a child shower cap is truly unlimited, but we have listed some other important reasons below:

  • As a parent, you will be able to have peace of mind when giving your child a bath.
  • Your newborn will be able to truly enjoy bath time.
  • A shower cap will provide your baby with a face shield and will guard their face while water is pouring on it.
  • A shower cap will guard your child’s face from harmful soaps. 

How to use a shower cap on your baby:  

  • Place the shower cap on the child’s head.
  • Alter the fit of the shower cap on your child’s head by using the buttons.
  • Make sure that your child’s ears are enclosed by the side flaps of the shower cap.
  • Now you can comfortably and easily clean your child.
  • Hand the shower cap to dry after use.

Which shower cap should you buy?

There are a number of different platforms and shops that sell shower caps for children. However, one stands out amongst the rest. Poopie FunTv has a wide assortment of baby shower caps that customers can choose from. Made from non-toxic materials, these shower caps are fun for any child to use! Poopie FunTv has three shower cap designs that you can choose from: a piggy shaped shower cap, a bear shaped shower cap, and a shower cap with a leaf design. These fun shower caps have the ability to protect your child’s eyes and ears in a variety of ways, including while you are applying sunscreen to your child’s skin or while your child is getting their first haircut.

If you are planning on investing in a good quality shower cap, then Poopie FunTv has the best options for you to choose from! Although our shower caps may seem like an ordinary product, these caps are a true lifeguard for your child to wear. Shower caps are extremely low in weight and won’t feel heavy on your baby’s head. The material is flexible and soft, providing true comfort to your child. All of Poopie Fun TV’s shower caps come with buttons for easy adjustability. Get ready to make bath time the best time with a shower cap from Poopie Fun TV!


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