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Halloween Celebration Ideas For New Parents!

Halloween Celebration Ideas For New Parents!

How To Celebrate Halloween with Your Little Ones This Holiday Season

Halloween can be an incredibly exciting time of year, especially for the little ones that are in your family! This time of year is filled with festivities unlike any other and is the perfect time to truly bond with your kids, allowing you to spend quality time with your most vital family members while also participating in fun and thrilling activities that will bring you together as an entire family. Even if you are not the biggest fan of the holiday itself, participating in and creating unique and individualistic family Halloween traditions will educate your children on the true importance of holiday celebrations! To make the most out of this spooky and exciting time of year, here are some amusing activities that will allow you to make lasting memories with your family this Halloween!

  1. Go Pumpkin Picking!

One of the best family-friendly activities for you and your kids to enjoy together is pumpkin picking! Local farms, churches, and even schools will decorate and transform a specific part of their property into a fall festive pumpkin patch, filled with both large and small pumpkins for you and your little ones to choose from. After picking out your pumpkins, you and your children should definitely take advantage of the festively decorated areas around the pumpkin patch to capture the memorable time that you all had together! 

  1. Carve Your Picked Out Pumpkins Into Jack-O-Lanterns

It’s time to dig out your carving tools for one of the most memorable pastimes during the Halloween season! When anyone thinks of Halloween, they remember carving pumpkins into scary or funny faces with their siblings, friends, and family members. Well, now it’s time for you to create those same lasting memories with your children! You can even turn your pumpkin carving extravaganza into a family-friendly competition and judge who has the best design carved into their pumpkin.

  1. Share Some Scary Stories

There’s no better way to get into the Halloween holiday spirit than by sharing some spooky stories with your little ones! Think of the best family-friendly stories that you can remember from your childhood or just make some up! No matter what story you decide to share, make the setting extra cozy by coiling up by a bonfire or using a flashlight to add in that extra spooky effect.

  1. Bake Some Sweet and Spooktacular Treats 

Halloween time is the best time of year to truly satisfy you and your children’s sweet tooth! Creating your very own spooky-themed sweet treats, such as ghost-shaped cookies or black- and orange-colored cupcakes will make this Halloween one that your kids will never forget. Although the kitchen may be messy by the end of the night, the lifelong traditions you will create with your kids will be worth it!

  1. Make Your Very Own Halloween Costumes

It’s time to get creative and help your children to make their very own Halloween costumes! If you have some worn-out clothes, a pair of trusty scissors, and an old sewing kit laying around your home then it’s time to get to work on creating some amazing homemade outfits for your children to dress up in while they are trick or treating on Halloween night! After creating your very own costumes, you can have a fun Halloween parade around your living room or you can have a competition to see who made the best costume.

  1. Go Out Trick or Treating with the Entire Family!

Whether you splurge and buy your Halloween costumes or make them together as a festive activity, it’s time to whip them out for the main event: trick or treating on Halloween night! It’s time to get your entire family involved and have fun either walking from house to house with your kids or passing out sweets to other children that pass by.

  1. Decorate Your Entire Home 

What can be more fun than having your children transform your entire household into a festive and fall wonderland? You can do this by putting your children in charge of making their very own decorations and choosing the exact location where to hang up their spooky decorations. Your children will be thrilled to get involved in creating their very own “haunted house” this Halloween season.

  1. Host Your Very Own Halloween Party

Not every Halloween party has to be spooky and scary! If you are looking to celebrate Halloween this year in a not-so-spooky way, you can host your very own Halloween party! If you are looking for a family-friendly way to start the fall season, then hosting a Halloween party for your children and all of their friends may be the best way to do so! Plan some age-appropriate festive activities for children, such as pin the tie on Dracula or set up a few Halloween-themed crafts for the kids to enjoy, and get ready for everyone to have a spooktacular time!



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