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The Best Baby-Proofing Products That Will Put Parent's Minds at Ease

The Best Baby-Proofing Products That Will Put Parent's Minds at Ease

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences that an individual can undergo and understand within their lifetime. Most couples are looking forward to choosing the perfect name for their little one, while others are more focused on picking a specific theme to follow when decorating their brand-new family member’s room. However, they may not be thinking about one of the most important steps that they need to take and implement before the stork drops off their little one. When it comes to having a baby, safety-proofing your entire household is truly one of the most important phases that you will need to go through when you are getting ready to welcome your newborn into the world.

Here at Poopie FunTv, our newborn experts have curated a number of baby safety and protection products for our wonderful customers to purchase and utilize within their everyday lives as a new parent. Let’s take a closer look at some of the baby safety and protection products that you can use within your household in order to keep your little one safe from any preventable harm!

Baby Safety and Protection Products from Poopie FunTv That Will Help New Parents to Keep Their Newborns Safe:

Silicon Edge Protection Covers rank the highest on our list of baby safety and protection products due to the fact that these tiny contraptions will assist in preventing any bruises or bumps from sharp corners or furniture from occurring. These protection covers are incredibly easy to utilize and secure to a number of different surfaces, such as glass, marble, wood, and even granite. Our silicon edge protection covers come in white, green, blue, or pink hues and are able to seamlessly blend in with the environment surrounding them.

Once your baby begins to crawl and walk around your household, there will be a whole new battlefield that they will be curious about and willing to conquer. Electrical outlets are one of the most dangerous household appliances that pose a serious threat to your child so acquiring electric power socket covers are a must not miss! Poopie FunTV’s electric power socket covers are a simple and truly cost-effective solution that will assist in keeping, not only your child safe, but the entire family. Our power socket covers come in a universal size and are incredibly easy to install.

Children of all ages love to play with doors, especially as they grow curiouser and curiouser with age! Poopie FunTV’s door stoppers are the perfect way to prevent your little one’s from getting their fingers stuck or slammed between a door. Made from environmentally safe material that will not cause any damage to your door frame, our door stoppers will provide each parent with peace of mind, while their children enjoy indoor play time. These door stoppers come in a multitude of styles, allowing parents to implement a fun safety measure that children will also love!

Little ones are notorious for opening drawers to see what’s inside. They are also notorious pinching or slamming their tiny and delicate fingers inside of household drawers. Due to this daunting fact, Poopie FunTV decided to add magnetic door and drawer child locks to this list in order to allow parents to be at ease when their child decides to become curious about the contents of their household drawers. These simple and stylish locks were created with design in mind, as they are able to be installed within any drawer or door hidden away from plain view. It’s time to keep your family safe from pinched or slammed fingers with our magnetic door or drawer child locks.

One of the most popular places for children to catch up on their beauty rest is in the car! Lulled by the soft motor and the movement from the tires, children are always falling fast asleep in the back seat of the car. With that in mind, Poopie FunTV has added a kids car safety belt cushion/pillow to the list. This cushion will not only allow your child to rest comfortably without getting a stiff neck from their nap, but it will also protect both their head and their neck from an injury while sleeping in a moving vehicle. Made from 100% super soft velvet cotton, our car safety belt cushion and pillow is the perfect addition for your next road trip with the kids!

As a parent to a newborn baby, our main concern is keeping our child as safe as we possibly can, especially during a time where viruses begin worldwide pandemics. Now more than ever, it is entirely important to keep our children’s items sanitized for immense safety. With these concerns in mind, we have added a disinfection box to the list that will effectively cleanse and sanitize your children’s most essential products. Made from high quality and durable materials, this disinfection box has the ability to cleanse any small item that may be near your child. Items, such as pacifiers, teething rings, bottle nipples, can be efficiently cleansed with this disinfection box.

The quality of air that your child breathes is a parent’s number one priority that should be effectively thought about. To remove any harmful humidity from your child’s proximity, use Poopie FunTV’s cool mist humidifier! Made with you and your child in mind, the cool mist humidifier not only removes any humidity that may be in the room, but it also is a music box, allowing your child to feel entirely safe and secure while near it. Available in white, pink, or green, this unique cool mist humidifier is a product that you need to have in your home!

To prevent your child from acquiring any preventable injuries, take a look at our collection of baby safety and protection products. With these products, you will be able to easily keep your entire family safe and secure!


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