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Top Tips All New Moms & Dads Should Read Before They Enter Parenthood

Top Tips All New Moms & Dads Should Read Before They Enter Parenthood

First time parents are always slightly surprised to find that the addition of a beautiful and incredible, yet helpless and tiny human being can make them feel completely joyful and competent one minute, and entirely powerless and vulnerable the next. It is entirely not unusual or wrong to feel incredibly fatigued, fearful, and doubtful after bringing home a new born. This is one of the biggest transitions that a couple who decides to have children will go through together and it’s not bad to need some assistance when these new and, sometimes, scary feelings are brought to the surface. Here at Poopie FunTv, our staff and team of parenting experts have provided support for first time moms and dads for years and while we may be a baby product and clothing company, we understand that all new parents, regardless of their circumstances, share a remarkably similar new-parent journey. The following tips, which have been tested on a number of new moms and dads, have the ability to also assist you in beginning this brand-new journey of parenthood, successfully. 

The Top Tips We Recommend You Follow as A New Parent:

  • When handling a new born, expect stress!

Bringing a baby into the world is an entirely major life transition that a new mother and father will go through together and the one thing that they should expect is for stressful situations to arise! Any kind of life transition, no matter how big or small, is going to be difficult to navigate and get through, in the beginning. Despite being entirely prepared to welcome your newborn baby into the world, you may need to adjust your plans to accommodate stressful events that may occur.

  • Accept help when it is offered to you

As a new parent, we understand that you want be a super-mom or super-dad, providing your newborn with everything that he/she may need while also taking care of your spouse. However, it is entirely okay to accept help when it is offered to you! Just having some extra time to take a shower or accomplish some household chores, while a trusted family member or friend watches your baby, can provide you with a much-needed break.

  • Forgive yourself when you make a mistake

Parenting is all about making mistakes and learning from them, it’s how you transform yourself into a wise and knowledgeable guardian! Nobody has all of the correct answers on how to be the perfect parent, so when you make a mistake, do yourself a favor and just forgive. Newborns change on a daily basis, so it’s completely okay if you don’t get everything right on the first try! Discuss strategies on how you and your partner can work together in figuring things out when learning the ropes of parenting.

  • Be sure to always ask questions

No matter how many parenting books you read before welcoming your little one into the world, you will always have new parenting questions popping into your head and that’s okay! Be sure to always ask questions when you are confused about a certain newborn topic or practice.

  • Be aware of your own feelings and try to understand the new emotions that you may be experiencing

As a new parent you will begin to experience feelings that you have never felt before. Don’t be nervous, this is completely normal! New mothers and fathers can feel anxious, sad, or even fearful when they first bring their newborn home with them. Recognizing these feelings that you are having is the first step towards understanding and conquering them.

  • Join a new parent’s support group

All first-time parents experience the same highs and lows as one another and joining a group of individuals that are going through the exact same life transformation that you are is incredibly helpful when trying to find your way through this difficult time. You’ll make new friends and find a group of non-judgmental individuals who can support and help you in finding your way through first-time parenthood.

  • Believe in yourself!

The number one thing that you can do as a first-time parent is believe in yourself! You DO know what’s best for your child and no matter what life as a new parent may throw your way, you have the tools and the skill sets to get through it.

Becoming a new parent can be incredibly hard and stressful. However, if you follow the tips listed above for you from the experts at Poopie FunTv, you will surely be able to successfully find your way as a new parent!


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